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Animal Medics’ specialises in a full range of quality products. These improve and maintain the health and performance of farm livestock in international markets including Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America.  Working together with major research establishments around the world, all products are manufactured in strict accordance with GMP and ISO 9001:2015 procedures. These meet the current trends in Genetics, Nutrition and Animal Husbandary.

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Medi AD3E 140 Liquid

Here, we share our years of experience and specialist knowledge with you.

Having problems with hypervitaminosis?

Medi AD3E 140 Liquid is a well balanced, concentrated vitamin preparation for administration to farm livestock via drinking water. It is particularly useful for the prevention and treatment of hypervitaminosis connected with bacterial infections, improvements in rearing and maintenance of fertility in breeding stock. Find out more about Medi AD3E 140 Liquid.

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  • Promote growth and health
  • Improve rearing
  • Help maintain fertility and reproduction
  • Aid normal bone development
  • Reduce heat stress
  • Reduce vitamin deficiencies
  • Prevent stress related problems
  • Promote resistance to disease

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Animal health and nutrition products

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