Animal nutrition products

Choose from a wide variety of animal health and animal nutrition products.

Animal nutrition products

Browse a wide variety of oral liquids.

All of our oral liquids are manufactured in strict accordance with GMP and ISO 9001:2015 procedures.

Animal nutrition products

Discover an extensive range of water soluble powders.

All of our water soluble powders meet the current trends in Genetics, Nutrition and Animal Husbandary.

Premium animal health and animal nutrition products

We know and care about animal health. Our vast experience combined with our high quality products help you to:

  • Promote growth and health
  • Improve rearing
  • Help maintain fertility and reproduction
  • Aid normal bone development
  • Reduce heat stress
  • Reduce vitamin deficiencies
  • Prevent stress related problems
  • Promote resistance to disease

And much more. Contact Animal Medics today and know that your animals are receiving the best.

A happy cow after a dose of animal nutrition products
Livestock looking healthy after good animal nutrition and healthcare

Animal Medics

  • Improving and maintaining the health and performance of farm livestock on a global scale
  • Providing premium animal nutrition and animal health products since 1971
  • Delivering the highest standard of customer service
  • UK based, Animal Medics is trusted by customers throughout the world